Scott Burrows

View from the Top: How to Climb the Corporate Ladder without Falling Off

There is no one definitive way to win at the game of life.

Each path presents its own unique challenges; each person, capable of performing extraordinary feats.

We’re all gifted with immeasurable powers beyond our imagination. Identifying these powers, knowing how and when to use them—that’s something that only you can discover.

Your journey is uniquely yours, but there will always be others who share your passion and ambition, partake in your hopes and dreams. In times of crisis, it’s helpful to seek their counsel and expand your mind by looking at things from a different angle.

Getting to the Top

If you’re a student, you’ll turn to successful graduates for answers. If you’re struggling with your new start-up, you’ll seek advice from an established entrepreneur.

It’s always wise to follow the words of those who have walked a similar path and fought similar battles for their cause. These aren’t deities or divine figures; they’re ordinary people like yourself who made it to the finish line and lived to tell the tale.

The corporate world is notorious for a cut-throat environment and fierce competition, often with success defined as something that must be achieved “by any means necessary.”

Those who are willing and able to stomp on anything and everything on their way are sometimes deemed winners; and those who express a sensitivity to those around them are considered incapable of getting ahead in the world of business.

This is nothing more than a generalized myth based on the experiences of a few. And it doesn’t have to be your reality unless you want it to be.

Defining Success

I’m a former all-star athlete who was well on my way to make a name for myself in the international arena of sports. After graduating from college, I also served as a financial advisor in the Insurance and Financial Industry, shortly qualifying for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Premiere Association of Financial Professionals. This is a sales-award based purely on commission, an award that fewer than 8% of my peers qualified for annually.

With one foot in the competitive ring of sports and another in the market of sales, I knew the underlying thread that tied them together: competition.

After my physical setback, suffering from two devastating car accidents, I learned an important lesson on change management that became my pillar of strength in dark times.

The healthiest competition isn’t against your opponents; it’s against that voice in your head that tells you you can’t do it.

I’m Scott Burrows, a former kickboxing champion, now a motivational speaker and bestselling author.

It took a near-death catastrophe for me to realize the meaning of true success, and I hope my story will compel you realize the same.

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