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Ways to Inspire Students: A Teacher’s Guide

A good education is essential for academic and personal development, but the majority of students don’t understand the value of good education until after they graduate.

It’s safe to say that students in school view it as something they have to do, rather than want to do.

With such a negative attitude toward education, is it possible for educators to teach them effectively?

A teacher’s job is more than just to teach their students; they inspire them to make the most of the education they’ve been given and encourage them to learn on their own as well – during and after school.

Here are some ways teachers can inspire students:

1) Discuss real-life applications

Students may complain that they won’t use most of what they learn in school and undermine their education. To counter that, teachers can provide students with real-life examples of how that’s not true.

Tying theoretical concepts with real-life examples helps students see the significance of what is being taught.

2) Project-based learning

Textbooks and tests can become redundant and boring. Instead of telling students to read and summarize pages, give them tasks that require them to apply concepts.

Project-based learning has proven to be a much more effective way to teach. It involves conducting in-depth research, fosters creativity and helps students work collaboratively with others.

3) Ask them to present

Students may retain some information that is being given to them in a lecture, but when you ask them to present, they retain so much more. No, that doesn’t mean every lesson should be presented by a student. However, teachers can come up with creative ways.

4) Tie lessons to real issues

Subjects such as history and geography can be taught with current issues happening around the world. The goal is to help students realize the implications of what is being taught so they take their education more seriously.

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