Scott Burrows

Why Giving Up Is the Solution Sometimes

How many times have you heard the phrases “Don’t be a quitter!” or “Never give up”?

Truth is, it’s easy to tell someone to hang in there, but nobody ever truly assesses the situation or the impact it has on our lives.

As Americans, we’re taught about the American Dream and how we should work till we achieve our own. We’ve built a culture where overworking has become the norm.

There’s always that one person with a fancy car. There’s always that one person who’s got it all. There’s always that one colleague that outshines everyone. There’s always that someone everyone envies.

We’re taught that successful individuals push past their limits to achieve their goals no matter how difficult it is.

What we’re not taught, however, is that sometimes, the best solution may be to give up.

Why You Should Give Up Sometimes

Sometimes you have to make on-the-spot decisions. There are times when you have no way out and you’re forced to choose between the lesser evil.

When you’re in corporate, you will have to take risks, you will have to make difficult decisions. It’s all a part of being a professional.

Perseverance is an excellent quality, and everyone should persevere, but sometimes the inability to let go can hold us from moving forward.

With that in mind, here’s why giving up sometimes can be beneficial:

 You Learn To Accept Things

We are always told to do more, to achieve more and to be more.

Being more and doing more can be damaging when you’re burning out and can’t go on.

It’s physically impossible for someone to push themselves without burning out.

It’s impossible for someone to know everything. We all have our own unique skills and our own strengths and weaknesses.

When you give up, you learn to accept things the way they are. You learn to accept the fact that you can’t always handle everything, and that’s absolutely okay.

You Solve Problems Realistically

You realize that perfection doesn’t exist. You learn to accept that problems don’t always have a solution.

It Makes You Confident

It takes guts to own up to your actions and decisions. When you decide to give up, you give yourself a clean break from everything.

It’s a mental relief and means you can focus on other things rather than focusing on just one thing that doesn’t have a solution.

When Scott Burrows had to give up his dream of being an athlete due to a life-threatening accident, he knew that his life didn’t stop there. He built a better one. He found his calling.

By conquering obstacles and challenges in his way, he was able to gain back control and become one of America’s most renowned international motivational speakers.

Check out his book Vision, Mindset Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You to learn more about how he was able to look adversity in the eye and change his life.

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