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4 Types Of People You Need To Have In A Productive Life

Success depends on support. While you can reach your goals without any help from others, you can make your journey more exciting and fulfilling. Who knows, you may actually end up farther with the right people by your side.

However, you don’t need just anyone. You need people who can leverage your strengths, people who possess specific characteristics to do so.

These four types of people will help you further your productivity:

The Optimist

When you end up facing obstacles and cannot find any way forward, you need that one person who is typically dubbed “the ray of sunshine” in any situation. This kind of person is full to the brim with positivity and reveals the silver lining under the direst of circumstances.

An optimist may seem to be a dreamer, but their view is the one you need to refocus on your life and minimize your limitations. They believe that everything can work out and will make sure to remind you of it.

The Mentor

Everyone knows how valuable a mentor can be. They have the experience to help you steer clear of the risks in your journey toward success. They have the information to help you update your own knowledge banks and skill sets.

They have the ability to teach—that is, if you are willing to learn.

A mentor leads you toward growth and is willing to provide perspective and guidance the entire way.

The Inspirer

Many people confuse an inspirer with a mentor. While a mentor can be an inspirer, an inspirer may not necessarily be a mentor. While an inspirer provides guidance, they’re more of a role model in your life.

An inspirer can be someone close to you, or it can be someone you are not personally acquainted with. Anyone can fulfill that role in your life—a public figure such as a celebrity, a leader in your own organization. Whoever it is, they ideally serve as an example for you to follow.

The Critic

As much as you need the dreamers and philosophers in your life, you also need to add a devil’s advocate to the mix. It is someone who is logical, honest enough to identify your weaknesses.

A critic may come across as rather blunt. While it’s never easy hearing someone inform you of your flaws, you need such a person around you to balance your journey.

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