Category: Goal setting

Everybody who has ever had a career should learn the importance of setting goals. While we may set off on a career path with the intention of simply gaining a reasonable income, what comes next? Setting goals is the first step in securing successful achievements. (more…)

Technology has changed the way we live. Often times, it gets very difficult to keep track of one’s own identity, in our hyper-connected world.

Even more so, if you are at the helm of an organization. When you set up a business initially, you know exactly what your aims are. However, a few years down the line, you begin to lose perspective. Your goals become opaque. (more…)

Life is easy to get lost in. We focus so much on the daily grind and the automated routines we have set for ourselves that we tend to forget to look within to see if we are truly satisfied with the kind of life we’re leading.

A lot of things about life are out of our hands, but the things we value and the things we focus on are completely within our control. (more…)