Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Goal Setting and Resilience Speaker

Most Resolutions Guarantee Failure. So, Now What?   “Professionals stick to the schedule; amateurs let life get in the way.”  – James Clear, Author   Forbes magazine just ran an insightful article (December 31, 2021) on the importance of goal setting rather than making resolutions. One of my favorite observations as a motivational resilience speaker […]

Scott Burrows, Goal Setting and Success Speaker

“Dealing with It,” Isn’t a Game Plan   In a recent virtual presentation I gave on goal setting and success for 2021, I commented that “Dealing with It” isn’t a game plan. Goal setting and success require determination. Times may be uncertain but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set goals. Who will win in 2021? […]

Scott Burrows, Pharmaceutical Sales Speaker

Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean Stuck at Home   In my work as a motivational pharmaceutical sales speaker, one of the most often asked questions I hear these days is, “With all of this social distancing stuff, I’m stuck at home. How can I do my job?” The answer is that the challenge isn’t one […]

Scott Burrows, Real Estate Sales Speaker

Be Determined to Be the Difference in Real Estate Sales   As a virtual motivational speaker for those in real estate sales, I know that “the numbers” don’t tell the story. In 2019, about 6 million new and existing homes were sold and there were about 1.4 million realtors. Sounds easy, right? Hardly. Along came […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Speaker on Resilience and Grit

In Sales, Some Things Change; Resilience Doesn’t   As a motivational speaker on resilience and grit, I know that of the many qualities a salesperson needs, resilience – and the daily grit to remain resilient – are never mentioned enough. Perhaps it’s because resilience, the skill of being flexible, isn’t thought of as being cool. […]

Scott Burrows, Leadership and Accountability Keynote Speaker

What Do You Ask of Others That You Don’t Demand of Yourself?   As a keynote speaker on leadership and accountability, I have found that in terms of all the issues causing C-level executives to struggle, far and away, “accountability” is their biggest challenge. Leadership cannot survive without accountability in their organizations. Business writer Shannon […]

Inspirational Overcoming Adversity Speaker Scott Burrows – Building Character

Adversity Builds Character: What You Can Learn From It It’s not too much of a stretch to say that you’ll find very few people who actually appreciate adversity. Why would anyone want that? No sane person would want problems. And often, people wish for the day they have everything they desire, no wishes left ungranted. […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Speaker on Sales Goals & Success

What Will It Take for You to Reach Your 2020 Goals?   The Mindset of Success As a motivational speaker on setting sales goals and sales achievements, I am a believer in developing a goal-setting mindset before anything else, and having the determination to see it through. I am not alone in this way of […]

Scott Burrows, Graduation and Commencement Keynote Speaker

Staying Focused and Resilient: What is Your Blueprint for Success? In my addresses as a graduation and commencement keynote speaker, I frequently ask my audiences if they have the determination to stay focused and resilient in mapping out their blueprints for success. “Staying focused” has become more difficult than ever. In a recent psychological survey […]

Scott Burrows, Sales Team Inspirational Speaker

You May Be Your Biggest Competitor Speaking to sales teams or individual sales reps about overcoming objections, I like to casually ask this question: “Just out of curiosity, who is your biggest competitor?” Most will answer, “In my space, it is ‘X’.” They will name a specific company. Yet, every once in a while, one […]