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Giving More Than You Get: How Being a Go-Giver Can Transform Your Life

You’ve probably always been told that in order to achieve success you need to get something in return.

Whether it’s making more profits than your competitors, delivering a better sales pitch than your colleague or taking on more projects than anyone else in the team, we’re always told to do more—to be more.

That’s where the problem lies. Do more and be more. We’re always told that “more” is the solution to every problem and that is true in its own way.

However, we’re led to believe that getting more in return is the answer.

The true essence of success lies in giving more than you receive. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true.

Being ambitious and having dreams is important, but helping others along the way while you achieve your dreams makes all the difference.

Here’s why being a go-giver and not a go-getter can transform your life:

You Will Grow

Giving helps us understand the true importance of nurturing others, encouraging them to grow and building a relationship with them.

When you give, you also receive. When your line manager sees how helpful you are and how you try to make others feel comfortable—especially those who are new—they will consider you for a better position.

So, in the end, you will grow emotionally and gain new opportunities.

You Build Relationships

Giving doesn’t mean gifting. It also means giving people the benefit of the doubt and the space they need to grow.

When you give someone your time, they will learn to appreciate you more. This will help build a relationship that is based on trust and understanding. When you build relationships with people, you also build networks.

You Inspire Others

Remember that the respect you give is the respect you get back. When you give someone respect, time and space, you also inspire them to do the same. This will create a ripple of change, and before you know it, others around you will be inspired to give as well.

The gift of life means sharing and caring for others. When you show people around you that you value them, they will appreciate you.

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