Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Sales Speaker

  It Always Comes Down to Trust   As a motivational insurance and financial sales speaker, it is around this time of the year that I look forward to reading “everyone’s top 5 list” of challenges for the insurance and financial sales industry. Sometimes it is 7 challenges and even 10. Frankly, I chuckle at […]

Scott Burrows, Sales Resilience Keynote Speaker

As someone who started his career as a financial sales advisor and then later a sales motivational speaker, I am keenly interested in how sales teams involve themselves in the management of resilience. In an insightful article for Forbes magazine (February 10, 2022), business writer Brian Zawada reviews five key areas of resilience. The area […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Speaker

5 Steps to Spark Sales Motivation   Motivation seems to be at an all-time low and, as a motivational sales speaker coming from a sales background, it’s concerning. Not just for me, but for organizations, sales trainers, sales managers, and sales team leaders. Hundreds of articles, podcasts, and books have been written on motivation – […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Resilience Speaker 

Fold or Go Forward: The Choice is Yours   “Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” ― Mary Holloway, Author As I was about to give my keynote talk as a motivational sales resilience speaker, an audience member came up to me […]

Scott Burrows, Healthcare Speaker for Nurses Week

Our ‘Superheroes’ in Healthcare Need Our Compassion   “In compassion, when we feel with the other, we dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and we put another person there.” – Karen Armstrong, Author and scholar Recent research as to healthcare worker stress underscores what I have been saying for many years in my […]

Scott Burrows, Building Resilient Sales Teams Speaker

What Does a Resilient Sales Team Look Like?   The most frequent question asked of me as I am about to deliver a motivational speech on building resilient sales teams is: “What is the one thing all resilient sales teams have in common?” It is an honest question, but as 2022 has come around, I […]

Scott Burrows, International Insurance & Financial Sales Speaker

Global Insurance Outlook Looks Strong for 2022, so Why Should The Industry Worry?   As an international speaker who specializes in virtual and live speeches on insurance and financial services sales, I frequently emphasize that the topic is quite personal to me. Prior to my speaking career I sold insurance, and after five years, worked […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Complacency is Not on the 2022 Outlook   As I speak to audiences on Insurance and Financial Services sales in the year ahead, I am quick to point out that while the year holds promise, 2022 could be the worst time in insurance sales history to be complacent. Writing for Forbes Advisor (December 27, 2021) […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Sales Speaker

Financial Sales are Being Tested as Never Before. Be Exceptional.   As an insurance and financial sales speaker, I have seen, first-hand, the challenges affecting our industry from the start of the pandemic until now. I am not only a motivational speaker on the industry, but I started my career as an insurance and financial […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety Speaker

Safety Did Not Take a Pandemic Holiday   As a workplace safety keynote speaker, it is sad to report that during the pandemic period, safety did not take a holiday. In fact, certain measures worsened. While those outside of the safety “industry” predicted a lowering of workplace accidents, in fact, they increased. From the Ride […]