Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Banking & Mortgage Financial Speaker

  What is the Path through a Turbulent, Uncertain Market?   As a banking and mortgage financial speaker, who began his career in the financial services arena, I understand the challenges of uncertainty in a complex and chaotic industry. How do you continue to grow and attract new clients with interest rates doubling, rising to […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Healthcare Industry Change Management Speaker

Big Changes Ahead for Healthcare: Be the Provider not the Patient   Speaking to audiences on managing change in the healthcare industry, I often compare hospitals and clinics that are content with clinging to an outmoded mindset to patients awaiting miracles rather than getting legitimate medical help. No matter your place in the healthcare system, […]

Scott Burrows, Inspirational Speaker on Adapting, Reinventing and Flexibility

The Challenge of Buggy-Whips, Slide Rules, VCRs, and Caramel Macchiatos   In delivering motivational keynotes on adapting, reinventing, and the flexibility needed in the modern organization, it is important to illustrate what happens when companies fail to change. Unless a business – or industry – is determined to change, it may cling to an old […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Speaker for Pharmaceutical Conferences

The Difference Between Noise and Knowledge is You It is no secret that I admire the sales representatives who work in the pharmaceutical industry. As a motivational sales speaker for pharmaceutical conferences, it is my mission to assist all of you in helping to overcome the adversity you encounter every day. A Hard Life, A […]

Scott Burrows, Inspirational Safety Speaker

Stay Engaged to Save Lives at Work   As an inspirational safety speaker, I know all too well that the safety industry has traditionally focused on force feeding workers a diet of safety posters, safety lectures, safety demonstrations and horrific tales of gruesome injuries about “someone else.” It is a multi-pronged attack that checks all […]

Scott Burrows, Change Keynote Speaker

  To Change Careers at Midlife, Change Your Mindset   At the height of my career as a top producing sales agent in the insurance and financial sector, I suffered a second accident that forced me into recovery for nine months. During this time I had to reevaluate, reframe and expand my mindset and vision […]

No Choice but to Accept Change

    Scott Burrows: Change Management Speaker Not long ago, I was in my office working on a keynote presentation when a meeting planner called me rather late at night. I picked up the phone and I know I surprised her. “Oh, I thought you would be voicemail,” she stammered. She looked for the right […]