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Corporate Safety Awareness Tips

Workplace safety should be more than just a list of “best practices” put on a piece of paper that no one really pays much attention to.

Offices are generally safe. How dangerous can a room full of desks really be? It’s true that workplaces are usually safe, but people still need to be aware of safety procedures in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some important corporate safety awareness tips:


1) Be aware of the physical demands of your job

Even when you’re just sitting at your desk the whole day, your job is still physically demanding. Sitting for long hours is unnatural for the human body, and it will take a toll on your physical health—from bad posture, eye strain or headaches from being in front of a computer screen.

Be aware of all the ways your job is going to impact you physically so you can take the necessary steps to counter them.

2) Keeping correct posture

Bad posture has more negative consequences than people know of. We need good posture to ensure our body weight is distributed evenly.

Bad posture puts more pressure on certain portions such as our lower back. This uneven spread of weight leads to headaches, excessive fatigue, heart conditions and more.

Try sitting up now. You’ll instantly feel a difference. Use a posture brace until you get into the habit of sitting properly.

3) Taking breaks

Staying in one position for too long causes fatigue. Excessive fatigue leads to feeling burnt out. Taking regular breaks during the day re-energizes you and is essential to keep your productivity levels up.

4) Have fire drills

Fires are the biggest safety risks in an office environment. They can occur due to problems with electrical circuits, air-conditioning, issues in the kitchen, etc. Fire drills are needed so employees are aware of evacuation procedures.

5) Reduce workplace stress

Employers need to take workplace stress seriously because it will inevitably begin to impact an employee’s performance. If it isn’t addressed, it will affect their physical health as well.

Corporate safety conference inspirational speaker Scott Burrows knows all about the need for safety in your work environment.

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